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Keepers track suspicious & abusive content messages on children's smartphones and social media platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp, SnapChat, Instagram, etc..), alerting parents in real-time if their child is being threatened.

Keepers developed an NLP algorithm to detect emotion from texts to protect children from cyberbullying and pedophilia, helping parents protect their children from direct and undetected threats.

Keepers keep the child's privacy while identifying malicious text messages. and only if the information malicious is sent directly to the parents to protect the child's privacy.

We protect children from Cyberbullying

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2016 Alumni


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DW - Social impact prize​

2017 Tesla pitch 

University Startup World Cup 2017

Horizon 2020 European commission Phase 1 winners

2016 Italian 4
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irst place winners

CERPrize - make the world a better place 2017 winners

Jerusalem & Facebook 2016 app competition First place winners

Keepers was established in the wake of rising shaming cases and an intense increase of cyberbullying cases on social media. Our team is working day and night to protect your child from harmful messages, threats and undetected harassment.

We believe that every technological problem must have a technological solution.

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